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Complete COVID Safety Logistics

Venture Safe allows companies and productions to collect and track health, safety, and testing information across multiple departments, multiple sites, and multiple sessions.

Schedule / Track / Manage COVID Tests

See all testing sessions on one screen.  Create and edit sessions for PCR or Rapid testing. Assign people to sessions individually or in bulk by zone/department.

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Assign Testers to Sessions, Schedule CSM's

Assign shifts to all clinical (testing) staff and COVID Safety Monitors.  Use built-in timekeeping to keep track of hours worked by each employee.

Collect Tests

PCR Test results .pdf's available for download once back from the lab.  Instant TSA-approved .pdf's for rapid tests.

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Collect Tests Gif.gif

Real-Time Accountability

See the status of any test, updated instantly, and available to view on any device.

Lab Drop, Daily Accounting

See what test have been dropped off at the lab, when, and to whom.  Anticipate which tests still need to be collected.

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Daily Screening and Check-Ins

Cast/crew get daily green-screen passes for entry to set.  Utilize QR codes to document attendance.

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HIPAA Compliance and Data Safety

VENTURE SAFE is committed to, and has implemented, safeguards to ensure its services, websites, and data systems are compliant with the regulations and conditions set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Availability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

We are committed to continuous improvement to ensure Venture Safe products incorporate state-of-the-art information technology privacy and security measures.

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By the Numbers

Leading Companies and Productions use Venture Safe to keep their workplaces safe.

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If you work in Film in Alberta, you've used Venture Safe.  The app is also used in the oil and gas industry and private COVID testing concerns.

Venture Safe has over 18,000 active users

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Venture safe has been used by 12,000 members of the film community.  It has kept track of over 160,000 COVID tests and 350,000 daily health screenings.

Has been utilized over 500,000 times (so far)


Venture Safe has delivered over 160,000 COVID test results with ZERO messages to people saying they were positive for COVID when they weren't, and zero saying they were negative when they were positive.

Zero Mistakes

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